Meet Our Team


Since 2008, Eric has been speaking, training and coaching. It’s his passion. As of 2022, he has already spoken to more than half a million salespeople across 37 countries. But there’s only that much impact one person can make.. So he started a company (Happy Customers) so he can create a bigger and more lasting impact through his platform of experts, future-ready solutions and dedicated team.

  • Big believer of living life to the fullest
  • Proud father of a cute corgi named Titan
  • Dream of speaking all the big stadiums in the world


Managing Director
Running business for the past 10 years, getting everything in order and finding a solution for every problems is Philip’s cup of tea.

  • Coffee? Tea of course
  • Fur parent of a Corgi girl
  • Serve in broadcast ministry for his church


Head of Training Solutions & Ops
Flourish through the school of hard knocks. Thus strive to be a Ray of sunlight to light up your path. Angel brings your message to the World through The work she does

  • Sees magic in everything in the Universe
  • Lover of nature, ocean, mammals and animals
  • Wisdom, Fitness, Nakama, Nomz, pets, music, anime, volunteering, laughter and love is a must! Live a spirited life!


Account Manager
Debbie is the lead point of contact for all of our clients, to Build long-lasting relationships with them, and ensure that we could add value to our clients' businesses

  • Coffee snobs
  • has a solid relationship with food
  • always excited to meet new people


Marketing Manager
Zack ensures that all project timelines are being met and managing all social platforms. Loves gadgets and computer.

  • Loves gaming
  • Box hoarder
  • Trying to keep fit


Social Media Specialist
John is in charge of our Founder/ President's social media accounts. When he is not working, you will most likely see him at the gym.

  • Fitness Fanatic
  • Fearless of failure
  • Challenge-ready


Customer Support Specialist
Welan lives by a schedule and that goes hand in hand with his management of his clients' customers. When he's not engaging with customers or supporting our growing team, you can find him enjoying the outdoors, fishing, or serving in the Church

  • Music is his passion.
  • Pastor in the Church
  • Living one's life to its fullest


Training Support Specialist
Nicole ensure your training goes as smoothly. She's probably hanging out in a cafe or visiting a cultural event while away from her laptop.

  • Hoarder of craft supplies
  • Dessert monster
  • Nightlife? Street food