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This keynote will show your sales team how to activate the four superpowers of social media.

Your sales team will receive clarity on what are the best in their industry doing, what they are currently missing and how to implement practical changes to stand out from the competition

Be aware of the key traits to have as a Sales Professional in the new world and learn how to ask the right questions and decode behaviours and buying signals.​ Your sales team will also know how to move away from product-based selling to new world trust-based selling.​

Attendees will receive a step-by-step game plan on how to increase their visibility, likeability and credibility so that they can attract customers of the digital generation.

Know to Respected

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Future trend of selling

If your sales team understand how consumers will buy products and services in the new year, it will be easier for them to acquire customers.


Stand out from your competition online so you are​ the first your prospect reach out to when they need help.

Social Media

Turn your employees into your advocates and rally them into confidently driving your brand message to attract talent, increase sales, and ultimately grow the business.